Welcome to Cape Academy of Music

We are a music school in Kanyakumari District that strives to provide a safe, creative and nurturing environment for aspiring musicians.

Cape Academy of Music aims to give its students a quality music education, with the firm belief that music builds up good characters in our young leaders of tomorrow.

We sincerely feel that early, positive musical experience is uniquely important for children. Musical activities provide children with important experiences that can help them develop- physical coordination, timing, and memory, visual, aural and language skills. We prepare the child for the ABRSM graded system, which is world-wide recognized.

The Academy is committed to taking a leadership role in music education and dedicates its efforts and resources toward its students' success in learning music.

The academy has met ABRSM's requirement and is an approved examination centre.


Our Classes

Piano Class

Keyboard Class

Vocal Class

Classical Guitar Class

Violin Class

Recorder Class

Music Theory Class

And All Other Instruments