About - Cape Academy of Music:

I had a great liking for music from my sixth year onwards. But there was no facility for me to do it at that time. But the gracious Lord bestowed me the gift to become a musician for my God.

Let me state with due humility that today I am a title-holder in ATCL, Trinity College, London, a diploma-holder (DipABRSM) in ABRSM in piano performance and Grade 8 distinction in Music Theory from ABRSM. Now I possess many number of pianos and other instruments. The compassionate Lord has done this and I am extremely thankful unto Him. I feel His gracious presence in all my endeavours.

When I started this career in the year 2010, there were only 35 students but now, the strength has increased to 200. Every year the number of students for the higher grades has increased. Many students come forward to learn music these days and I have no doubt that, God willing, they will shine as talented musicians in the coming years.

Students can start music lessons after the age of seven and continue all the way up to adulthood. Studying music is good for body, mind, and spirit and is a life-time investment. Anyone who is willing to practice with focus and patience, 20-30 minutes a day, can master music in due course.

Systematically designed piano course offered at our centre, helps students acquire a broad-based knowledge of musical concepts which will stand them in good stead in their continuous pursuit of music learning.

In all humility, I appeal to the children to avail themselves of this opportunity to study music in their childhood itself. I am confident that the parents would encourage their children, offering them the necessary guidance and financial help in this regard. I am sure that the loving Lord will bless them to prosper, if they work hard and practice well.

I owe much gratitude to my music master late Mr. Cleophas Anthony. He was a master - minded genius in this art of music. He had helped me much to become a qualified musical technician. He was a soft, proficient and an honorable personality. His sincere efforts had made me to reach this level of a tutor as he was.


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