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Piano, singing and Music theory

Piano lessons are our most popular instrumental course! We are able to train students from Grade 1 - Diploma! The piano is one of the more popular music instruments out there because of its adaptability to different music styles and broad tonal range.

If you are looking for music lessons, then look no further! Cape Academy of Music currently has hundreds of students enrolled in our music lessons! We believe this is one of the best environments to instil a love for music while developing fundamental skills such as technique, posture, and focus. Whether your child is a complete beginner with no experience or an advanced student with years of experience, Cape Academy of Music can suit your needs. Our teachers are able to work with young children and adults no matter what level they are.Our piano courses are tailored to fit you depending on your age group. Whether you wish to learn for fun or in preparation for a grade or diploma exam.


The human voice is very important for both personal communication and verbal expression. Poor use of your voice can adversely affect your confidence and quality of life. Let us bring out the best in your voice with quality vocal training to help you discover your vocal potential. We offer these courses to students from age 7 and above. Adult learners are welcome to join as well.

Music Theory

We make music theory exciting and accessible. A solid foundation in music theory will offer a long way to enhance your appreciation of music.Music theory is important as it links to performance & composition, which is essential for your journey in music path. A course designed for all, based on the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Graded Exam syllabus. Graded Music Theory course gives opportunity to acquire the fundamental musical elements such as intervals, keys, scales and chords. It also gives the knowledge of notation including the sign and skills in constructing balanced rhythmic patterns, and completing given melodic or harmonic structure.

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